Tobago Carnival


“Welcome, young stars of Tobago, to the vibrant Jr. Calypso Monarch competition, hosted by the Tobago House of Assembly! We celebrate the talent, creativity, and passion of our youth as they take the stage to share their voices and stories through calypso. Get ready for an enchanting evening filled with music and inspiration! 🌟🎶 #THAJrCalypsoMonarch”


  • To identify and celebrate young Calypso talents in Tobago.
  • To create an exciting and high-quality entertainment event for children .
  • To contribute to the festivities and cultural development associated with Tobago Carnival.


  • Preliminary Judging Round: September 25th
    • The Junior Calypso Monarch audition will select Nine (9) competitors to advance to the Finals to face the defending champion.. 
    • Judges give overall comments and suggestions to aid in improving craft and performance. 
  • Finals: October 13th
    • Each finalist will be given a five-minute (5 min.) performance time limit.

Rules: Tobago Soca Monarch

  • Open to performers seventeen (18) years and under and a resident of Tobago.
  • All participants under the age of eighteen (18) years shall be required to provide parental/guardian consent to participate in the competitions.
  • Calypso songs must be original and have never entered into competition in Tobago.  Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  • Participants in the ToBago Junior Monarch cannot participate in the Tobago Senior Calypso Monarch or vice versa
  • Please walk with your accompanying music on a flash drive 
  • Competitors are only required to perform a maximum of  two verses and chorus of their song. 

Judging Criteria – Auditions 


Lyrics –  40

Melody – 30

Arrangement – 30.

Crowd Response – 10