Tobago Carnival


Welcome ToBago Carnival! Thank you for registering for the Tobago Carnival 2023. We are thrilled to have your band join us this year. Before the journey begins, let’s review a few guidelines to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for all involved. By registering for this event, you are agreeing to follow the guidelines. If you are applying on behalf of another, ensure that they understand all guidelines before submitting the registration form. 

Registration Process

  1. J’Ouvert, De Masquerade (Night Mas) and Parade of Bands will be held in Scarborough.
  2. Persons or groups wishing to participate in J’ouvert and/or Parade of Band should indicate their interest by submitting a completed registration form by the scheduled deadline. 
  3. The registration fee is as follows:
    • J’Ouvert: $300
    • De Masquerade (Night Mas): $300
    • Parade of Bands:  Contemporary bands are $500, 
    • No fee for Traditional bands and Cultural Groups.
  4. Registration entitles the Band to entry to the parade(s) and access to the accompanying infrastructure. Any other costs associated with the Band’s attendance (including travel, Music trucks and accommodation expenses) shall be borne solely by the Band. 
  5. Bands are responsible for procuring their music trucks.

On The Road Experience

  1. The Band reserves the right to provide an all-inclusive experience for its masqueraders. 
  2. The Band acknowledges and agrees that the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), in its sole discretion, reserves the right to change any aspect of the event(s), such as themes, content, program, performers,  hosts, moderators, venue and time. 
  3. THA reserves the right to refuse the band rest stops along the route. All rest stops that are directly on the route must be approved at least two weeks prior to the parade.
  4. Bands must assemble on time to start. any late bands will be barred from entering the parade.
  5. The Tobago House of Assembly reserves the right to change the route, entry and exit points, and starting points within the carnival area at any time. The Tobago House of Assembly will seek to communicate these changes to all parties involved promptly.
  6. The Tobago House of Assembly has the authority, through the Office of the Secretary of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation, to revise or waive conditions for participation.
  7. Mas Bands or Steel Bands can decorate any registered vehicles to display branding and merchandising of their sponsors or donors. 

Vehicle Passes

  1. Vehicle passes will not be issued to facilitate the appearance of commercially branded vehicles except by prior consent.
  2. Vehicle passes must be clearly displayed on your vehicle.
  3. The vehicle number noted on the vehicle pass must match that of the vehicle on which the pass is displayed.
  4. Any vehicle without a pass will be denied entry. If the license plate does not match that of the vehicle pass, entry will also be denied.
  5. Drivers are required to provide Vehicle registration numbers and copies of their driver’s license. 

Road Rules

  1. The band must be ready to move from the designated start point at their allocated time. 
  2. Bands are to comply with all instructions received from authorised representatives before, during and after the parade. 
  3. While security services will be at the parade, bands must employ stewards at a ratio of 20 to 1 (20 masqueraders to every 1 steward) to protect their members and keep spectators out of the band. 
  4. The band’s stewards are expected to cooperate with the regulatory services and authorised representatives of the Tobago House of Assembly to ensure a hazard-free road experience. 

Music Trucks/Support Vehicles

  1. Bands are to engage music trucks at their own expense, which should not exceed 30ft long. Please note that music trucks hired by bands will be subjected to the same guidelines as THA-procured trucks
  2. Bandleaders should ensure that all music trucks and service vehicles are in the Event area One (1) hour before the start of the event. Vehicular Access into the Event from the various entry points will be closed off  Forty-Five (45 mins) before the event’s start. Likewise, the Band’s vehicles will not be allowed into the Event area.
  3. Bands are welcome to hire music trucks to accompany them on the road, as the State will Not be providing Music Trucks. 
  4. All music trucks and service vehicles must register with the TTPS and Tobago Carnival Secretariat to obtain vehicle passes to access the parades.
  5. Bands are allowed to register a Maximum of five (5) vehicles. This includes music trucks, drinks trucks and service vehicles.
  6. All sound providers must be able to present their COTT licence upon the request of any authorised personnel before, during or after the event.

Important to Note

  1. The Tobago House of Assembly and its accredited media partners reserve the right to document all Carnival activities organised by the state using any of the following methods: photography, audio recording and videography. The Tobago House of Assembly also retains the right to use such audio recordings, films and photographs without further approval or payment to the Band. This includes but is not limited to the right to edit such media, the right to use the media alone or with other information, and the right to allow others to use and disseminate the media.