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Tobago Carnival

Tobago Carnival is a liberating festival of cultural expressions…our Rituals. Tobago Carnival is a festival expressing freedom from creative constraints…our Revelry. Tobago Carnival celebrates the emancipation of unbridled energy…our Release. Indeed, Tobago is ready to take on the world and pronounce its interpretation of “the greatest show on earth”.

We will flaunt our difference, as Tobago-centric uniqueness abounds. This is our unique selling proposition! Our peculiar biography predetermines our disposition, rendering us as forward-thinking cultural activists so that it is our mandate to birth a distinctive celebration steeped in our folk tradition, paying homage to our heritage and given modern significance sustainable, relevant festival.

Blessed by its historical, cultural and, above all, geographic characteristics. The Carnival compass, so to speak, is set with its hypnotic allure, comprising grounded folk traditions, infused with contemporary concoctions

We are perfectly poised to set in motion a historic variation of the Carnival ethos. The Carnival is situated just one month after the fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, a period which is conducive to fostering an international travel influx from those desirous of newfangled travel experience. It is our duty to align with the signals, identify with the indicators, follow the socio-cultural lead and acknowledge the ordained markings on the wall. We aim to etch an ineffaceable notch on the totem pole of Carnival declarations.

Tobago is ready to be singled out for it’s own Carnival formula where

Traditional meets contemporary

Rustic meets beauty

Mud meets masquerade

Enigma meets majesty

Welcome Tobago!