King Wellington

When Hawthorn Wellington Quashie , aka King Wellington,was born ,on January 1st.1939, in Goodwood,Tobago, his father was playing clarinet with his band,for the old year's night.He was born into music.! At the age of 11-12, he was already composing and singing calypso,for school talent shows and competitions.His calypsonian name was Cisco Kid. In 1953,he got his first guitar and moved to Trinidad, to sing calypso for tourists.With other calypsonians,like Lord Brynner, Inventor, Caressa and Lord Superior,they performed in hotels,restaurants and private homes. In 1959,when his guitar was stolen and broken-up and his livelyhood came to an end, he sat the exam and joined the police force,of Trinidad. He was a police officer,then a detective in the CID, for 8 years.At that time, police officers were not allowed to sing in public.In 1966,he recorded his first record :" PNM Victory" and "Mr.Curry".. When King Wellington, took his 3 months leave from the police force , in 1967, he went to the USA.He did not know that he was emigrating.In New York, the music scene was exploding with soul, funk, rock ' n roll and folk music.Performing in Central Park and Greenwich Village, it occurred to him that calypso music could have a place internationally, beside the music played by Harry Bellafonte. He started composing songs with emphasis on the drum and bass, inserting blues cords, and, calling the new music "Russo Funk" or "Soulcalypso". This genre of music became Socca music. He moved to Boston,that same year, and enrolled in the prestigious Julius Chaloff Music School; there, he studied music composition and harmony.He changed his name, adopting his middle name , to King Wellington. In Boston, he played with some of the great musicians from Berkeley School of music,like Stanton Davis,Ricky Ford,Bobby Eldridge,Bill Pearce,and,Orville Wright, with whom he recorded several calypso-Russofunk like: Moving Up- New Calypso Music-Pretty Girls-I cann't stop Loving Her,-Free Up Free Up- Zingay Ely Ly and ,Shango. In 1973, he wrote,composed and recorded "Steel and Brass",and "Who is King Wellington",featuring the steel pan. He continued recording calypsos,with steel pan in songs like "Beat Dem Pan", " Moh women"," Gime moh". He insisted for steel pan to be playing on stage,whenever he performed. From the 70s to the 90s, King Wellington, came back to Trinidad every carnival season.He sang in Young Brigade tent, Calypso Revue, and the Government tents. He eventually, had his own tent " The Professionals", featuring Lord Shorty and The Mighty Duke, in Trinidad, and, in Brooklyn,NY..Also, he managed the "Kaiso House (Tuco) tent for a few seasons. King Wellington, composed several calypsos for special occasions,like "PNM Victory" (predicting PNM victory for the 3rd time); "Moon Walking" in 1969- " NoNoNo Dr.Williams No" (when the prime minister walked out of parliament); " Carnoval In May" ( date changed because of polio outbreak)"Pretty Penny" Miss Universe,and ,"Manning and Calderhart". His "Fire One" and "Christmas In The Sun" are polpular Christmas songs. He also wrote songs for "Bud Bud" for Budweiser beer, and "The Little Blue Pill", for Viagra. For the past 40 years,he has delighted audiences, playing with his own band : King Wellington And The Earth Peeples,with his calypsos like " The Gap"," Bumbum bapbap"," Happiness"," Miss MCarty Party"" Shall Be The End", " Jivin me around", and "The Quelvis", among others. King Wellington And The Earth Peeples performed at Flynn's restaurant and marina,in Fire Island,NY,as the house band,for more that 33 years.