Tobago Carnival

Adrian “Num Num” Isaac. Photo courtesy The Office of the Chief Secretary

Adrian “Num Num” Isaac is the 2023 Tobago Soca Monarch competition champion.

His winning song, “We Pulling Seine,” tells the tale of Tobago fishermen using nets to haul in large catches of fish onto the shoreline.

His captivating performance, at last night’s show, accompanied by his Mortal Kombat-inspired attire, left both the judges and the jam-packed crowd in awe.

Following his victory, Isaac said he appreciate the win, acknowledging that he had given his all. “We Pulling Seine” creatively captures the essence of Tobago’s fishing community and its treasured pulling seine tradition. Isaac’s remarkable and commanding stage presence undoubtedly captivated the audience.

Although he faced criticism and ridicule during the semi-finals from commentators in both Trinidad and Tobago, Isaac said he remained focused and committed to enhancing his delivery. His relentless dedication paid off, as his energetic performance had the audience on their feet throughout his delivery.

Despite Tam Tam, also known as Brenado Thompson, being a crowd favorite, he was no match for Num Num’s powerhouse performance. Last year’s champion, Kulture B, once again kept the energy up as he battled to regain the title against ten other contestants.

Another noteworthy highlight of the show was the stunning performance by Gerard Prima and Caston Cupid, who had the crowd dancing and entranced with their rendition of “Temptation.”

News Courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Guardian:Elizabeth Gonzales