Tobago Carnival
Calypso Rose

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort, Tobago.

UNDISPUTED Calypso Queen of the World, Mc Cartha Linda Lewis-Sandy, lovingly known as Calypso Rose, wants TT and the world to know that she is alive and well.

Rose spoke to the Newsday from New York on Wednesday to dispel concerns about the state of her health after calypsonian Edwin “Crazy” Ayong posted on social media a picture and video of her lying in bed, indicating poor health.

“What Crazy did was horrible. I am getting calls from all over the world, Texas, England, France, from people wanting to know what was happening with me.

“I am alive and in good health. The only thing that is wrong with me is that I got a new knee. The old one gone and I have to do therapy for the new one because of my weight.”

She said she would demonstrate her fitness when she comes home for Tobago carnival in October and to participate in the One Hand Don’t Clap event in St James on September 24.

“I am coming for Tobago Carnival. I am not coming to perform. I am coming to celebrate the first Tobago October carnival and to eat my crab and dumpling.

“This would show TT I am in good health. I am not ill.”

Rose explained Crazy, known as the lovable lunatic, made a surprise visit to her home in New York. She said Crazy calls her Mama out of respect because she was like a mother to the calypsonians in the Young Brigade tent.

“He came to visit me and said, “Mama, I want to take a picture.”

“I told him, ‘You could take a picture, but don’t let the whole world see me.’ Next thing I know I getting calls from all over.

“I wish he could take down that post,” Rose said.

Newsday called Crazy’s cellphone several times, but the calls were forwarded each time.

There is a photo of Crazy kissing Rose’s cheeks on his FB page. In the video he posted, the person behind the camera identified as “music man Derek,” engaged them in conversation about their long friendship, which sans some five decades.

Crazy reminisced about Rose being the only woman to beat him in a monarch competition, in 1978, when she won the crown with Thank You and he placed second with Dustbin Cover.

Before that, Rose became the first woman to win the Road March title, with Going Down San Fernando.

Derek also reminded them that they both appeared in the 1979 movie Bacchanal Time and commended them as elders who are still together after all this time. He also encouraged young people to learn the craft from their elders.

She noted that one of the calypso greats Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) may not be among the elders one can turn to, “because he baptised.”

Speaking about his baptism with the Newsday, Rose said Sparrow always wanted to be “saved.”

“Long time he wanted to be baptised. His mother was a Spiritual Baptist mother, you know.”

Rose said she had an uncle who was a priest and took Sparrow to him in his quest to fulfil his calling.

“But my uncle died while he was seeking salvation.

“Now he is a true child of the Lord,” she said, wishing him power and strength.

To TT she expressed congratulations on the 60th anniversary of Independence and wished power, light and blessings on the nation.

Article Courtesy T&T Newsday: Yvonne Webb