Tobago Carnival

Jared Prima, acting CEO of Tobago Performing Arts Company, left, celebrates Tobago Carnival’s partnership with bmobile, represented by the company’s general manager of Customer Experience and Marketing, Kent Western.

Bmobile has committed to major sponsorship of Tobago Carnival for the second consecutive year.

In a release on Tuesday, Kent Western, general manager of Customer Experience and Marketing for bmobile, said, “bmobile was an integral part of Tobago’s Carnival when it began in 2022.”

Western continued, “The company recognizes the potential of the Tobago Carnival brand and the role bmobile plays in its growth. Tobago Carnival has offered a revitalised approach to reach new markets in the festival tourism space while also preserving the cultural elements that have made it a success in Trinidad. We are proud to continue our strong partnership, contributing to greater development in Tobago and fully supporting the work of the THA, all while championing local culture.”

The release also confirmed that as part of its support as Gold Sponsor, bmobile has also partnered with the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) to provide much-needed reliable internet connectivity which is essential for the Joint Operation Command (JOC) post, further ensuring the smooth execution of the three-day event and the safety of revellers and spectators.

The Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities, and Transportation has been working diligently to ensure the success of this year’s Carnival.

Gold Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Collis Hazel, said the island is fully prepared to deliver a safe and secure Carnival, the release stated.

News Courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Guardian